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A Weight Loss Journey Begins

Updated: Apr 8

Weight loss can mean many thing to many different people- to me my weight loss journey is not about being a certain size or looking a certain way (although that can be a bonus) furthermore that ship has sailed...

For me it is about being a healthy weight for my size- healthy enough to keep up with my three children and finally shredding off that dreaded baby weight for good!

That being said I am not going to concern myself to much with the number on the scale (but if I did I have approximately 35lbs more to lose) instead I am going to focus on my BMI which is the Body Mass Index- this is a metric used to measure the body fat in the body based on height and weight.

Body Mass Index

Currently at my last weigh in - I am sitting at a 31.4 so I have a little ways to go to get into the healthy green area of the metric- and this is where a weight loss journey begins.

Renpho Smart Scale

Side Note: To calculate my BMI I am using a Renpho Smart Scale which is a scale that is connected to my phone that calculates BMI, bone density, muscles mass etc. There is more information on that scale in the video below OR you can google BMI calculator and get your result there.

This is my starting point- I have recognized where I am and where I want to be so now I can realign my focus and compile some healthy alterations to my day to day to help move me into a healthier BMI and achieve my goals.


So what do we know about weight loss?

1- We need to shift our body into a calorie deficit

Which means we need to burn more calorie than we are putting into our body A Calorie is a unit of energy used to express the nutritional value of any certain food.

1 pound loss = 3500 Calories

2- Add more protein into my diet

Protein is metabolized in the body a lot slower than fats and carbs so by increasing your protein intake this will help keep your body fuller longer which in turn reduces the amount of calories consumed.

Dancer Pose

3-Get Active!- In Order to burn more calories we need to be moving- that does not mean you have to go to the gym <--

You can take part in many different active activities at home my favorite are at home workouts with my resistant bands or my personal yoga practice or even taking the time to go for a walk will help you burn more calories.

4-Get in the right mindset- All the tips and tricks are great but lets be honest if you are not in the right mindset they mean nothing. This mindset will be on going and it will push you to succeed- you will feel the urge to fail or give up but DONT and that is KEY. so before starting any weight loss program set yourself up for success by making sure you are ready and have the right mindset to get it done!


My Journey So Far....

This journey has been ongoing for the last 10 years... it is only recently I have shifted my mindset and decided enough was enough lets FINISH THIS!

Approximately four weeks ago- I began the final frontier, the final voyage to reach my weight loss goals (star trek fans anyone) anyways...

weight loss
Left: Sept 2021 Right: May 2023

Approximately 4 weeks ago- when I began this final journey I had all of these plans, and all of these goals. Things I was going to do to make this happen. Let me be real... weight loss is not that easy, we are all human, we get distracted, we want that little piece of cake.... If it was easy I would not be talking about this journey.

So let me back track... When I started I was going to:

weight loss
Left: May 2023 Right: June 2023

- weight out my food in grams

-count my calorie intake

-stay away from sweets

-push myself in my daily workouts

-get outside for a 30 minute walk daily

-drink half my body weight in water

Four weeks later how are we doing?

I am still eating sweets, I am not meeting my water goal daily, I don't get outside every single day, somedays my workouts are better than others, I got bored of counting calories and weighing my food.... do you see where I am going with this?

But let me tell you something amazing... in these four weeks I am down 8lbs!

Let me tell you a secret... even though I am enjoying sweets and not meeting my goals every single day, some days may be better than others... The key is to:

Staying Consistent

Saying Mindful

Don't Give Up!

Don't get me wrong... giving up has crossed my mind-Its completely normal the key is to shake it off and push through. Last week was probably one of the hardest weekends by far out of the four weeks- it was that time in my monthly cycle where all I wanted was sweets, chocolate, comfort food, hit the couch and binge eat everything! It was horrible. I love my sweets and I am known to crave sweets in a very big way around my cycle. So much so that by crossing that line could very easily derail my progress, make me feel badly about what I had done and then give up... This is something I do not want.

So how did I get through the weekend?

I went back to counting my calories just to help me stay mindful- you do not have to eliminate sweets completely however by keeping track so I stayed in my calorie deficit was very helpful. Also drinking more tea gave me a sense of sweetness and helped to keep the cravings at bay. (I love David's tea) Their summer fruit blends are amazing!

I gave myself a list of things to do to help keep my mind busy to stay off the couch and keep the food out of my mouth... Happy to say I made it.

Still on track and still going strong on this journey of weight loss!

Stay Consistent- even though I miss a workout or don’t get my 30 minute walk in daily or I don’t

Yoga Quote

make my water goal that day- come the next day I try, try again- stay consistent- don’t give up on the big

picture and try your best – we are all human and we are not perfect so just do your best.

Stay Mindful-Tracking calories can be extremely boring or hard not to mention a pain- so I have dropped this practice for now as I am seeing result- because I started doing this in the beginning it really gave me a sense of where I was and how many calories I was actually consuming day to day and I am more aware of what I am eating and the nutritious value my food holds before I eat it.

If I am having a day I know I might get a little out of control I may go back and track just to ensure I stay within my calories– just trying to stay aware of what I am doing and how each decision will affect my overall results.

Lastly NEVER GIVE UP- honestly there has been some days I just wanted to give up... that is normal. Remind yourself why you are doing this, talk to your support person, take a day to refresh the mind but in the end never give up. It is hard yes but look how far you have come. So don’t give up!

If you are just joining me on this weight loss adventure- below is my intro video and the beginning of my final weight loss journey.

Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date on the ongoing process, struggles and more! - I cannot wait to see where I will go from here.

If you are heading on a weight loss journey of your own send me a message- I would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for more on what I am eating, what workouts I am doing to get results and how I am staying on track with the day to day struggles.

I am wishing you the best rest of your day - stay strong we are in this together!-

Please note that some of the above links ay be affiliate links, meaning if you purchase a product via these links I may receive a small commission/ reward, at no additional charge to you!

Love & Light,

Allyssa Rose

Update on Journey- coming soon!


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