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Busy Mom Life- Don't Lose Yourself in the Mix!

Updated: Apr 8

When you sign onto a marriage- have kids- make a home you don't realize just how big that contract is until your stuck in the dead center of it all.

Your a wife and a mother yes but did you know your also a chef, a housecleaner, a plumber, a mechanic, a contractor, the entertainer, my husbands schedule coordinator- I swear the list goes on! At least that's how it is in my house. "Don't worry mommy will fix it." "don't worry mommy will do it" I an not trying to complain but that is a lot of fine print no one realizes to mention when entering into a life long commitment.

busy mom
The many jobs of a "wife"

Don't get me wrong it is beautiful. I love my husband to the moon and back and my three children they are the gems my world revolves around- but oh my goodness those little humans keep me on my toes that's for sure and my husband well he would probably starve... naked... in a mess.

We learn to multitask, we learn to do things quickly -you know I have actually mastered the stand and eat- where you stand at the counter, eat your food quickly while its still hot because in a split second thigs could change and I am needed somewhere else.

We get stuck in this loop- because we are always needed, something always has to be done, there is always something to do- but what about you? Are you taking time for yourself from time to time and I mean really taking time for yourself. I don't mean the kids are gone I have the house to myself.... I guess I'll clean the house. That is not time for you. That's is you converting to your housekeeper job because honey you forgot to be you. Of course getting a few chores done while the kids are away is defiantly easier (I do it myself) but all the time? any moment you get? The mess will still be there for when you get back or after you have a little time to decompress and reset. You'll just be happier and relaxed doing it.

mom time
Take time to rest and relax!

Time for you is remembering the things you like, the things that make you smile, having a moment where you just have to take care of YOU. These are the moments every women needs to live a happy, connected, fulfilled life. Your mental health is extremely important to maintaining the house, raising a family, being a good wife- if your mental health is suffering and you stressed and miserable it is projected onto the family because you my love are the world that the family revolves around and without you the system breaks down. Don't lose yourself in the Mix!

I got lost in the mix...Busy mom life- I was so busy with work, so busy doing everything else- that I missed my workouts for a week, my eating was all over the place, I was up late working and up early with the kids. Right up until my breaking point, my emotions flooded the room- word vomit everywhere, the kids are confused why is mommy so mad and upset... that's not fair. Its wasn't fair to the kids, and it wasn't fair to myself. Time to re-evaluate and get your sh*t together (pardon me).

I have to realign and get back on track. What is it that makes me happy? For me getting in a good workout session before I start the day is defiantly a good start- that sets me up for success every time, I eat better, I feel better and I am in a great mood

Nothing like some "me time" and my favorite coffee

from the start for the little humans that need me. (That's daily) Occasionally I enjoy taking myself out for a Frappuccino- and going for a good walk outside down by the lake or if its cold I enjoy walking around Michael's Craft Store. Just time for me. It is amazing what that time can do for our mental health.

So remember taking time for yourself is not selfish! If anything you are doing it for them. (but do it for you) they will survive without you for a couple hours a week- so figure out what you love, get back to your workouts or painting, reading a book- whatever it is that makes you feel like yourself and can give your mind a rest from all the busy jobs a superwomen like you does daily.

Super Mom
"Super Mom"

A few of my favorite "mommy me time" ideas could include:

1. A Hot Bubble Bath with your Favorite Bubbles

2. Make your favorite sweet or savory treats & have a movie night

3. Have a Spa day!

What are your favorite "mommy me time"? Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook- I would love to hear from you!

You are strong, beautiful, and you and one hell of a multitasker! and yes, you deserve some time to unwind and decompress.

Love & Gratitude

Allyssa Rose


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