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My Yoga Journey

Updated: Apr 8

Everybody start somewhere- we have to do the work and begin at the starting line before we have the skills, knowledge and experience on any given topic. This is the beginning of My Yoga Journey. My starting line to a life I never new I wanted...

Let's journey back a little - I found yoga back in 2019, right after my first son was born. I was in a real dark place, my relationship was hanging on by a thread, my self-esteem was at rock bottom, I was emotional. I was not connecting with my husband, I was not connecting with my daughter who at the time was 5, I wasn’t connecting to my new born son and worst of all I was not connecting to myself. Not just after he was born but during the entire pregnancy. The constant thought of self-doubt was eating me up one tiny bite at a time.

It was then that I discovered a yoga ad that caught my eye on Facebook. I decided to look into this. Now I had done yoga before here and there but I don’t think I really appreciated it in all its glory- visiting a class from time to time does not do the term Yoga justice.

So, I then decided to give it a real try. When my son slept, I would try some deep breathing, maybe a few movements- now I was the heaviest I had ever been so my movement felt very limited but I pushed through and said no this was meant to help! After being consistent- getting on that mat even if at times it was just to lie there and breath – I did it. 6 months consistently!

Boy was it a surprise to learn I was pregnant again! All I could think about was I had just started to mentally feel better with this yoga and now I am going to get BIGGER! I thought about my feelings with the previous pregnancy. NO! I was not going to fall victim to this feeling again. I was going to still continue my yoga movements, my deep breathing and maybe make more of an effort to take care of myself better. So much so that the first few months of pregnancy I actually lost some weight.

9 months pregnant
Right before baby#3- The heaviest I have ever been

It didn’t last long mind you but it still made me feel good.

“You got this girl!” I remember telling myself, we will get through this pregnancy, get back to your yoga practice and everything will be okay. The scale was climbing but I had a plan so I wasn’t going to let this get me down- that wasn’t until I learned I had gestational diabetes with this little one. My sugar levels were climbing and my body just could not keep up.

Now that was rock bottom. The doctors said changes needed to be made. I started seeing a nutritionist weekly, I had to test my blood sugar 3 times a day, and I had to record and report everything I was eating. It was definitely a challenging time, but I truly believe if these events did not happen then I wouldn’t be here telling my story.

This challenge, this lifestyle change before me was the spark that lit the way to who I am and who I am becoming today.

I became obsessed!

Learning about food, nutrition, how the body metabolizes fats, sugars and carbs- you name it I needed to know. My father struggles with diabetes and I never even began to know what and how challenging that was until I went through this experience myself. I wanted to help him and I wanted to help myself by gaining as much knowledge as possible to arm me with the right tools I needed to make a sustainable change.

Anyways back on track or I could go on and on about that- my second son was born, of course it was emotional, he was what they called a “sugar baby” he was sent off to the NICU after birth to get his sugars back to normal. I couldn’t see my baby! It was the worst feeling because I blamed myself for my poor lifestyle habits. Later learning that it wasn’t my fault most babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes need some kind of after care due to their glucose drop after leaving the womb. Happy to report his sugars went back to normal and he is happy and healthy. Definitely a challenging time but I felt different. The horizon wasn’t as dark as it was when my first son was born. I could see light; I could see purpose and I was going to manifest it into my reality.

When my doctor cleared me at 6 weeks post-partum the work began- every morning rain or shine I got on that mat. I remember I could barely hold my knee up I was so weak. but the reality was I have three children now, I need to get stronger, get healthier for them and for myself.

The struggles were real and they are still on-going. As a mother of three and a husband it is hard to find the time for yourself but self-care is important and we need to make that time- because if you don’t make the time for yourself no one will.

Weight loss journey
Left- 2021 Right- March/2023

I remember I had just finished a practice my mental state was in a really great place, I had lost over 30lbs already just with yoga and I was inspired! I want to share the gift of yoga and mindfulness and everything in between I wanted to share my struggles and maybe help someone who is struggling to find their way.

weight loss journey
Left- March/2023 Right- June/2023

I want to empower others to find the strength, balance, and calmness within ourselves to lead a healthier more balanced life.

I found a yoga teacher training and got to work. I was going to do it! It is not an easy journey and I still have some ways to go, my fitness journey is just beginning however I want to share this journey with you. This is not another before and after series it is a before and ongoing series. Let us grow together, motivate and inspire together and make this life a great one.

As of now I am stronger and happier than ever- I eat pretty well but I still enjoy my sweets!

My husband said to me “you cant lose weight with yoga” boy did I prove him wrong.

Everybody gets a little lost sometimes- but it is that road of self-discovery where we find ourselves and learn who we truly are. Our most authentic self! Let us continue this journey together as we head down this road of yoga, wellness and everything in-between.

Quote to self-discovery

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story- I would love to connect join me on Instagram or Facebook for more on self-discovery, yoga, wellness and so much more.

Love & Gratitude

Allyssa Rose


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