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What is Mindfulness

Updated: Apr 8

Mindfulness is not something you have or use- it is something you learn and practice, fail and try again. It is not always easy being mindful especially in a house of 5. Kids leaving wet shoes at the door, always hungry, always disagreeing with each other- it can take its tole on the brain. The expectation of a mother, wife, partner is extremely heavy at times and if we are not careful it can cause mental breakdown or mind blowing repercussions!

sitting on a bench in the forest

Okay lets back peddle for a moment how am I a mindful mama- what is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally"- Jon Kabat Zin

So in other words its pretty much thinking before acting- and considering the repercussions after you act. Sounds easy? Its is not- but with practice it does get easier.

As a mama of three- let me tell you it was extremely hard not to react after a cup of milk was spilt, or someone got into the crayons and drew all over the walls or having to tuck my little guy into bed 500 times before it stuck. Our emotions run high, its frustrating, we react in a negative way and then everybody is at a loss.

That is how I use to be. I was quick to upset and it was frustrating to me, frustrating to my kids and I bet even my husband felt frustrated (he just doesn't tell me... ). but then I found yoga- or maybe it found me?

Yoga Flow
Always happy on the mat!

That space your mind goes to be totally still and calm, a place you can realign with yourself in the physical body and the mental body. Then we take it just a little further and begin the practice of mindfulness.

How can we practice Mindfulness so we too can live a happier, non-judgmentally, full of love and light? We first must learn the three attributes of mindfulness.

1- We learn to pay attention on purpose- directing you attention in a deliberate way which is very different from awareness. Awareness is knowing that there is a dog barking, sound of cars going by, the kids laughing around us, background noise if you will but deliberately directing our attention or focusing on a particular sound or activity is paying attention on purpose. In yoga we pay attention to the sound of the breath flowing in and out of the abdomen, in and out of the chest and in and out of the nostrils.

2- We learn to pay attention in the present Moment. Don't think about how it happened or what is going to happen think about what is happening right now.

3- Paying attention non-judgmentally is learning to let things just be as they are. We learn to separate our emotional experiences from our cognitive experiences. meaning we are aware of a certain situation that may be unpleasant but we learn to not react emotionally to them. This is called equanimity, which is a calmness and balance of the mind.

Mindfulness is a brain training and it can take time and lots of practice- I myself am still practicing everyday. But I am seeing the difference. Back when my 4 year old was 2 he drew all over the walls with crayons and I lost it! I was so upset - I was frustrated, I yelled about it, It took me forever to scrub that crayon off the way. Now my youngest is 2 and guess what? Yup- he got into the crayons and up the walls he went- but this time I was calm, I even smiled about and though oh well its just crayon. Growth!

Steak Salad
Greek Feta Steak Salad

I use Mindfulness in other areas as well- Mindful Eating is one of the big ones. I use to be a big emotional eater. I was sad- food, I was happy -food, we are celebrating- food, we are watching a movie? FOOD! I just ate, now I can apply my mindfulness practice.

I took the time to really take a step back and do some personal development on why I needed that food, and what food I was putting into my body. I stopped to think about it before I did it. I rethink what I am eating, and have trained my brain that just because I am watching a movie you don't have to eat. Let me tell you... that was not an easy change but with practice and failure, and consistently trying I have trained my brain to not need it- this is life changing! (mind you when I still eat in front of a movie from time to time) I'm human.

There are just so many benefits to practicing's mindfulness- Physically it can reduce blood pressure, strengthen your immunity, improves your memory and Psychologically it can improve your mood, reduce stress, and reduction in addiction and mental health relapse- the benefits go on.

meditation practice

That is why I choose to be a Mindful mama- for my children - who get a happy, healthy mama- my husband who gets a happy, healthy wife but more importantly I do it for myself so I can feel happy, live with intention and a passion to inspire and see the light in everything.

Connect with me on Instagram, or Facebook for more Mindfulness, Tips and Tricks and so much more!

Dive into your yoga journey today and explore all things mindfulness, meditation and more. The perfect beginners guide to the path of self-discovery.

discover your inner yogi

Love & Gratitude

Allyssa Rose


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