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"Exploring the Benefits and Uses of Various Yoga Props for a More Effective Practice"

Updated: Apr 8

There was a time that I had absolutely no idea what yoga blocks were, let alone a bolster! This was uncharted territory... What are these things and how do you use them?

Various Yoga Props

Well they are tools one uses in a yoga class of course- duh. (that was the answer I got)… silly me I don't know why I asked. I should have just turned to the internet... Let me just mention this was before I went to yoga teacher training. So hopefully this is a better explanation than what I got when I first started to dig into yoga and the props used. So what are the different yoga props for a more effective practice?

The whole purpose of props are to help support, align and enhance an overall class experience. They can be used in all levels of students to help further each and every practice.


Yoga Mat- obviously! This is by far the most common and well known tool used in yoga but did you know they come in all shapes, sizes, thicknesses, materials and colors?

The sky is the limit. Next time you go to purchase a yoga mat- check out the details you would be surprised how may options you have. I personally prefer a 5mm thickness mat, for the extra cushion it gives the body when connecting to the ground.

Yoga Towel- This is a non-slip towel that goes over your mat to help with grip. You can find smaller hand size towels or ones that are roughly the same size as your mat.

They are usually used in hot yoga classrooms or in high heat to help with slipping. I enjoy power yoga so I like to use a towel at the top of my mat for when my palms start to sweat. It just give me a little more grip without interrupting my practice. - and they come in various cute colors!

Bolster- This is actually a really long, firm pillow. Commonly used in restorative practices or prenatal classes it is used to aid in relaxation and in creating openness in the body. You can also use a tightly rolled up blanket if you do not have a bolster. For the first few years of my practice I used the rolled blanket and now I use both and I love it. I recommend having one for sure. This is the one I have and I absolutely LOVE it!

Blanket- Like I said I use mine as a make shift bolster but having a thinner blanket can be nice to help give a little extra cushion when folded. You can place it under the hips, under the knees, or the lower back or it is great to cover up when in savasana - final relaxation.

Strap- A strap is great to have on hand because it can aid in alignment, flexibility and help increase your range of motion.

For example if you are not able to reach the your toes yet, the strap can aid as an extension of the arms to help work you a little closer to your goals.

Blocks- Yoga blocks are extremely useful in many areas of yoga, they can be used to help with alignment, they can help with balance and flexibility, they can also be used as a restorative prop and give the body support in all areas.

I personally love to use cork blocks because they are more firm and I find they offer more support, however I have and I do use foam blocks as well for the time my hand or wrist need a softer surface.

Yoga Wheel- This prop is a little more non-traditional and I find it is not normally used in a yoga studio. This is more of a prop I like to use in my personal practice.

It is higher than the block when doing arm stretches and I like to use it to help progress in my backbends. It does take a little more playing around and practice to get use to this particular prop but so far I enjoy my time with then wheel.


Headstand Bench

Again another non-traditional yoga prop- now this particular props I believe has some very mixed reviews- I personally love my chair especially when I was beginning my inversion journey. It allows to you obtain all the benefits of being upside safely before you are able to get upside without it. Great for beginners. I love my bench and even though my practice is starting to advance without it- I will always come back to my bench.

Props can really be an overall wonderful addition to any yoga practice although they are not necessary they can definitely be useful in your yoga journey. No go forth, grab a block and I will see you on the mat!

Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know what prop is your favorite! I would love to hear from you.

Some of the above links may be affiliate links, meaning if you purchase a product or service via these links I may receive a small commission/reward, at no additional charge to you!

Love & Gratitude

Allyssa Rose


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